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Toombs Hand Washing Station Rentals

At Toombs Septic Services, we understand the paramount importance of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, especially in outdoor events and construction sites. Our hand washing stations rental services offer a practical solution to ensure that participants and workers have easy access to proper hand hygiene facilities. Serving Amery, Clearlake, Osceola, Hudson, New Richmond, Rice Lake, Saint Croix Falls, Frederic, Baldwin, Glenwood City, Woodville, Barron & neighboring areas of Wisconsin, we are dedicated to providing top-quality hand washing stations at affordable prices.

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Comprehensive Hygiene

Our hand washing stations are equipped with all the necessary components to promote effective hand washing, helping prevent the spread of germs and ensuring a safer environment.

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Convenience and Accessibility

Whether it’s a bustling event or a busy construction site, our hand washing stations are strategically located for easy access, making hygiene a seamless part of the experience.

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High-Quality Design

Our hand washing stations are designed for durability and functionality. They are built to withstand heavy usage while maintaining their effectiveness and appearance.

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We believe that prioritizing hygiene shouldn’t come at a high cost. Our competitive pricing ensures that you can provide hand washing facilities without breaking the bank.

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Local Presence

Serving various cities in Wisconsin, including Amery, Clear Lake, Osceola, Saint Croix Falls, Frederic, Baldwin, New Richmond, Glenwood City, and Woodville, our local coverage guarantees prompt delivery and pickup.

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Features Of Our Hand Washing Stations

Multiple Sinks: Our hand washing stations feature multiple sinks, allowing multiple users to wash their hands simultaneously, which is especially important during events or busy workdays.

Soap and Towel Dispensers: Each station is equipped with soap dispensers and towel dispensers, ensuring that users have everything they need for thorough hand washing.

Water Source: Our stations are designed to be connected to a water source, ensuring a continuous supply of clean water for hand washing.

Experience Cleanliness and Convenience with Toombs Septic Services

Elevate the hygiene standards of your events and projects in Wisconsin with our hand washing stations rental solutions. Whether you’re hosting a gathering, managing a construction site, or planning any other outdoor event Toombs Septic Services has you covered.

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Toombs Septic Service Area

Service Area

We proudly serve the Northwestern Wisconsin region including these cities and counties:

  • 100% Landspread
  • No Municipality fees
  • No winter surcharge
  • Available 365 Days A Year
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Licensed & Insured


Best Porta Potty Service 2023 AwardToombs Septic Service was recognized as the Best Porta Potty Service of 2023

Veterans of Foreign Wars AwardToombs Septic Service was recognized by Amery VFW Post 7929 for appreciation and gratitude.


The guys were super friendly and full of knowledge. They came in an emergency and were more than happy to get here in a timely manner. Thanks guys! We will be continuing our business with you!

by Sarah Tiry

Just stopped at a porta potty by dam in Amery. 5 stars! Clean and to dispenser full. There’s also a little hook up in corner for our purses or jackets, sweatshirts etc. thanks Toombs for having quality, efficient porta potties.

by Chastity Marie

Super nice people and helped me in an emergency and got the rooter dude out the next day! Thank you again! Would recommend to anyone! Been using them for 2 years now.

by Hana Hammer

Fantastic company. Greg and Nancy are super responsive and have helped us multiple times!

by Spenser Nickelatti

Very happy with their service!

by Jim Good

Great, honest people to deal with!

by Daren Evenson